Launching A New Measure For Readiness

Launching a new measure for readiness

With the success of the 2017 Trial and AITSL endorsement for national implementation, the GTPA is available to higher education institutions (HEIs) for implementation in 2018. The GTPA provides a means for HEIs to show how they meet Program Standard…

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AITSL National Expert Panel Endorses GTPA

AITSL National Expert Panel endorses GTPA

The National Expert Panel, convened by AITSL, has reviewed the GTPA and supporting Trial evidence. The Panel endorses the GTPA as meeting the requirements necessary for satisfying Program Standard 1.2 , if implemented as intended. The GTPA is now available…

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GTPA Trial Success

GTPA Trial success

The Trial of the GTPA was completed successfully in 2017. The Trial included the validation of the instrument, standard setting, moderation, and the setting of the cut-score (minimum acceptable level). The AITSL Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) Committee reviewed a report…

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